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There's nothing worse than having dissatisfed customers but that's exactly what you're going to have if you try to take short cuts where quality is concerned. 


While there are THOUSANDS of clothing vendors around the world ready to collect your coins you should only be spending your money with the best of the best.


If you are a current or future boutique owner with a passion for fashion and taste for quality this list is exclusively for you. Some vendors may require you to REALLY pay but hey, you get what you pay for right?


You can't afford to sit on inventory because the quality sucks! I've searched high and low through HUNDREDS of vendors just to perfectly curate a list of the top 62 wholesale clothing vendors I could find and I promise this is not a game or a gamble. As a fellow boutique owner (my boutique is called The FaShaenista Files) what I'm not going to do is play you by selling you a faulty vendor list. Trust and believe all 62 vendors are the top of the top and used by yours truly. I even highlighted my favorites in pink and put a + sign beside the vendors who carry plus size as well. 


Thank me later and don't tell me I didn't warn you. Happy $tacking!


Note: Please download and save your digital download IMMEDIATELY. All links expire within 30 days of receipt.


Due to added new finds, vendor list updates, and price increases we reserve the right not to resend vendor list links after 60 days of purchase receipt no exceptions.

The Fashionista Vendor List

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