"Marketing Blueprint" E-Book

This "Marketing Blueprint" e-book provides 8 steps to creating a BOMB marketing campaign. If you have a product or service that's new or simply not moving this e-book is what you need to sell out. Learn how to select the right product for promo and how to create a campaign that not only creates sells but ching ching as well! You ready to make sales? 


What's included in the e-book:

  • Marketing Overview- a break down of marketing basics.
  • Blueprint Introduction- a break down of e-book content.
  • Marketing Schedule- a detailed marketing strategy timeline.
  • Campaign Formula- a proven 8 step strategy to BOMB marketing.
  • Script Guidelines- templates to communicate effectively with your audience.
  • Ad Outline- step by step on how to create bomb emails, text marketing, and Facebook ads.

"Marketing Blueprint" E-Book


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