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No More Business In DM's.

It's time to level up in your business girl. Today is the day to STOP doing things that may be "convenient" for your customer but produce harder instead of smarter work for you and this includes communicating with and selling to your customers in your DM's. (direct messages)

By now we've all heard "it goes down in the DM's" and even if it did imagine how smoother business would be if you built the foundation of your business to be so strong you no longer had to answer a million questions in your messages (that sometimes results in no sales AND wasted time) but instead were so informative and persuasive about what you offer that your potential buyer's only choice was to book or check out. You get results like these when you take off the "CEO" hat and start thinking like a consumer. (Because you're a consumer too).

I mean let’s be honest sometimes DM conversations lead to sales and money being made but often time there’s a lot of time wasted due to customers having questions that were likely unanswered on your website or in your content and it could be simple things like the fit of something, shipping policies, how a customer can order and pay, uninformative, unclear product descriptions, or you missing the sale because the customer moved on due to them being ready to patronize your business and there being a delayed response.

In order to think like a consumer you have to remember that very few people make impulse purchases in comparison to those who make confident informed purchasing decisions. When you think about your products or services ask yourself "Who needs what I have to offer and why do they need it?" Another great question to ask yourself is "What's so great about what I have to sell or offer and how can I showcase this to my potential audience"? Write down your answer(s) to these questions because you're going to need them.

I want you to think about more questions a potential customer may have. Maybe you need to do like I did and create better product descriptions (which can be done by incorporating the answers to the questions you just asked yourself above) OR you can create a FAQ page on your website (frequently asked questions) to redirect potential customers to when they slide in your DM’s. I mean think about it. Instead of answering a million questions that end in no sale (or even if it does) wouldn’t you have saved so much time if you could just place the information in front of your customer and let them decide instead of you trying to convince?

When you're trying to grow a business you need less time worrying about the "little" things so you can focus on growing your brand into something big, SEAMLESSLY. Organization and structure is what you want and THIS is how you get it.

Now go and add or revamp those product descriptions, policies, and FAQ pages. You've got EASY money to make. I believe in you. Get it done!

Say it with me, no more business in DM's.

With love,

Coach Shae

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