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10 Ways To Grow Your Brand STRATEGICALLY.

If you're reading this you're one of MANY girl bosses around the world looking for ways to grow your business audience because audience growth means more sales right? WRONG!

The only way to grow your brand AND see an increase in sales is to target YOUR people. Targeting your people means creating content, products, services, and offer that appeals to your people. Targeting means when you create your content (videos, social media posts, emails, blogs, and social media ads) you create with your ideal customer in mind.

If they were searching for what you offer what would they type in? What colors would capture their attention? What words speak to them? What complimentary products or services would they also be looking or shopping for?

Some commons mistake I see MANY women entrepreneurs make include things like unclear product offers, social media ads with unappealing copy (aka wording), collaborations with influencers and social media accounts that don't share their same or similar target audience, and the list goes on and on.

While many are frustrated trying this and that I want to share with you 10 ways to grow your brand and your business bank account too.

  1. Start a blog. (Include applicable affiliate links + ad placement.)

  2. Create a membership or subscription. (What recurring offers can you create?)

  3. Build a team of brand ambassadors or affiliates.

  4. Teach a class or webinar. (People will pay you for your knowledge.)

  5. Host an event. (Include similar or complimentary businesses.)

  6. Write an e-book or create a guide. (What do YOUR people need help with?)

  7. Diversify your content and share it on a different platform.

  8. Run a social media ad. (Be specific when creating your ad audience.)

  9. Start a YouTube channel surrounding what you sell or offer.

  10. Start a private Facebook or Instagram group for exclusive access and perks.

When done right these are for sure ways to increase visibility AND sales strategically.

Work smarter, not harder.


Coach Shae

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