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About Coach LaShae:


Who is Coach LaShae? I'm a tall (5"11), country girl full of passion from a very small town in North Carolina. If small town, big dreams was a person it would be me. I have the joy of being a full time serial entrepreneur. I'm a boutique owner (8+ years), a business strategist (5+ years), a speaker, several other things, and someone you REALLY want to know. I get the pleasure of showing kingdom women entrepreneurs how to apply biblical principles in both life and business. I'm a pusher. I challenge the way people think, and stretch them beyond their comfort zones.

I believe there is an unimaginable peace and freedom that comes when you understand how to maximize your resources and opportunities by being yourself and doing "the work". And by work I don't mean "hustle". I teach women entrepreneurs how to work smarter, not harder. Initially the work may seem hard but you're just being stretched. At Total Financial Freedom Academy I teach current and aspiring women entrepreneurs how to build their business and influence God's way.

This means I'm not interested in doing things that instantly gratify you but instead teach you business methods and strategies that may take time to produce but build longevity.

I teach women how to build businesses of integrity that last. That's the mission. That's the goal.



Have you ever set a sales goal for your business only to feel defeated because you didn't meet goal? Setting sales goals for your business is not enough. You need a strategy! I talk to A LOT of women entrepreneurs often who miss the mark because of the "little" things. In case you didn't know, the little things DO matter. I'm really great at helping women entrepreneurs find out WHY they aren't seeing the money they want to see, and helping them create a plan of execution that actually gets them the money they want to see. 


In a world where everyone wants to be everyone else I teach women entrepreneurs to find their "IT" factor, you know "that" thing they do really well that will set them apart from everyone else in their industry? I teach them how to incorporate THAT into their marketing strategy. Marketing is nothing more than the message of your business being spread. I teach women entrepreneurs how to market creatively and strategically.


If there's one thing I can do well it's teaching women how to start, launch, build, and grow a fashion empire both online and offline. At this point it's almost too easy. From learning fabric and quality to wholesale ordering, pricing, product description, creative display, content creation, style, company policies, and beyond I teach it all. Many jump into the boutique industry thinking "all I have to do is post on social media and the sales will come". I teach women the depth of boutique building and set them on the path to building a boutique that has flare, unique distinction, integrity, and longevity.  


The breakdown for breakthrough in ANY business is system building. Having a flow and order to your business is ESSENTIAL. When you're looking to "make money in your sleep" and create a business that doesn't "need" you it's vital that you master system building which includes things like input output, email marketing, automations, ads and more.


People buy products, but people really buy YOU. Have you ever wondered why so many people sell the same thing but only some people are more successful than others? There are various factors that come into play but a major one is community or the lack thereof. I teach women entrepreneurs how to build and nurture relationships with their audience.

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